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A different place

Gotland | Engelska
A different place , illustration Lotta Ingelse
You can live five different lifetimes in one trip to this island. Discover in your walks in the woods and beaches fossils outdating the dinosaurs, tools from the stone age, bronze age and iron age. Walk through the only fully inhabitated and fully entacted medieval city or enjoy a round of golf in one of the many sea side courses dotting the island.

There is something here for everyone. Do you have an interest in pirates. This island hosted more than any south pacific island. Vikings? the original Vikings lived here. Buried treasures? More buried treasures have been found here in modern times than anywhere in the world. Nature and hiking? Get lost safely, no dangerous animals to contend with. Bicycling? There are hundreds of miles of safe rural roads and bike paths lined with fields of flowers and forests. Night life and entertainment? The island hosts some of Europes top entertainers. Hot beaches and skinny dipping? Let us show you the best beaches on the island both secluded and packed with people. Childrens fun? The island is safe for children of all ages to run and play.

It is often said to the Swedish tourist that Gotland is another country, another land or something like that. It's not only marketing, there's some truth in that. Gotland is a wonderful country which has an ancient culture and a marvelous nature wholly unigue which seperates it from Sweden and all of Europe for that matter.

Every year at least a half million people visit Gotland for vacationing, bathing, partying, investigating and even painting in the wonderful light of Gotland. The island is host to a very high population of artists and craftsmen and women.

Welcome to Gotland!
/text Daniel Behr, illustration Lotta Ingelse


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